The "Fung" Guys Art Print
The "Fung" Guys Art Print

The "Fung" Guys Art Print

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Signed giclée print on archival matte paper. Comes in two sizes, 5" x 5" or 12" x 12"

Frame not included

Meet The "Fung" Guys!
Hey everybody, these are the Fung Guys, three wild and crazy brothers born in the pastures of "Underturd, North Carolina"
We have in the center, "Fung Gus" who is the oldest and smoothest of the brothers. He likes taking you on a nice mellow trip to expand your horizons with a nice pop of color!
On the right, we have "Fung Guy" and he's the brother with the most spunk and attitude. You can expect a wild ride when you go on a trip with Guy!
Last but not least we have "Fung Jerry" who's kind of the oddball brother, we still don't know exactly where he came from. His tastes are a little "funky" and you never quite know what to expect when you go on a trip with him!
If you are brave enough to take a trip with all three brothers, brace yourself for a journey you will never forget! Grab your roadmaps and strap in!